Motal Folk Arts Museum

The museum was founded in 1983 and opened for visitors on 13 August 1995. The main activities of the museum are collecting, preserving and promoting the folk art, crafts and folklore of the region. The museum exposition includes the halls of history and peasant life, crafts, agriculture, flax-processing, weaving, clothing, ceremonies and the exhibition, which present the regional features of the material and spiritual culture of Western Polesye. The number of visitors (on 01.01.2012) is 93,75 people. The number of items in the main fund (on 01.01.2012) is 17,990 items, in the research additional fund - 8,751 items. The museum has extensive collections of ethnography, weaving, embroidery and wickerwork. Particular attention in its work is paid to preserving and promoting folklore. There is a collection of folk poetry: festivals, customs, ceremonies, sayings, proverbs, jokes, and children’s folklore. The museum offers visitors a number of interactive programs. For young visitors, there is a series of museum and educational activities under the title “At Grandma Helens”, which reveals a rich potential of folk pedagogy. Adult visitors can enjoy the ritual excursions “Live Sound” on a year-round calendar cycle, the lecture-tour “Wedding Round Loaf”, “The 3rd Day of the Wedding. Dividing the Wedding Loaf”, and “Dowry”. All the creative activities of the museum are conducted with the participation of the folk band “Motol Neighbours”. For the multi-faceted efforts in promoting and popularizing the folk art and traditional crafts, in 2001 the museum was awarded a diploma with the special prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus in the field of museum work.
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